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Star Girl

Addie Banks is your average 10-year-old girl. She loves hanging out with her friends, going to ballet class, collecting plush toy animals and playing sport. The school that Addie attends is anything but average! Addie has made it into the most extraordinary boarding school in the universe—a space station boarding school.

Addie’s adventures at the school are exciting and extreme. Can Addie really save her adorable and endangered alien creatures with a lip-gloss spaceberry, a pair of Happy Birthday singing gumboots and items that look more suited to a sleep-over party?

Three years of boarding school, sixteen amazing adventures and one incredible journey!

Books 1-8: The first year of boarding school

Books 9-12: The second year of boarding school
Books 13-16: The final year of boarding school

Conceptualised and written by Louise Park

Packaged by Paddlepop Press

Published by Macmillan Australia

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Hardie Grant Egmont
Publisher Hardie Grant Egmont
Concept Louise Park
Author Meredith Costain
Licensing TBA
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Released September 2009
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